The objects of the Foundation are observation and research of the Sun activity influence on phenomena on the Earth, development of methods
of measurement and analysis concerning changes of the Earth’s magnetic and gravitational fields under the influence of solar activity,
as well as every other activity connected indirectly or directly with the activity of the Sun.

In particular the objects of the Foundation are:

1. Analysis of the impact of magnetic changes and solar activity on humans and other living organisms.
2. Analysis of the influence of strong geomagnetic storms on condition and emotional state of living organisms.
3. Analysis of the impact of solar activity and solar flares to the current weather, including the rise of rapid weather changes.
4. Development of a method to predict solar activity in the solar cycle.
5. Developing a system to predict strong earthquakes based on accelerometric and magnetic measurements from many places on Earth.
6. Analysis of the effect of geomagnetic storms on the occurrence of seismic events in the vicinity of ferromagnetic metal deposits.
7. Developing a system to predict seismic events in mines of metal ores, does not necessarily ferromagnetic, such as copper ore.

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